September 5, 2009

In the creation of our new portfolio, I decided to try a few new things. The biggest one, was wireframing everything before I even got to designing the site. I never even gave the process a second thought before I ready an article on The Importance of Wireframing by 45Royale (Who are a very large influence to Sean and I in terms of design). This is basically what inspired our new design. Some people think that it’s a waste of time, and think that they can plan everything out in their head, but problems arise from that.

Wireframing your designs is like journaling your thoughts. You take everything, put it into perspective, and can then analyze, and get input on your designs even before you make them. What first took you a few extra minutes to maybe an hour now saved you hours of work reworking your website until you’ve got exactly what your client wants.

Do you design your homepage in your image editor of choice before actually creating your webpage already? Why not take it just a step farther? Rather than plan out just a portion of your site, you can do the whole thing, and it will take a whole lot less time. Then once you’ve done that you can clearly understand your project and you can use a backbone for the rest of your project. Now you can design your homepage, then break out the text editor and code your site.

You can make things much more complex and different if you think everything through. If your anything like me, you have a few moments of great design time, and the rest of the time your working you’ve got no idea what you’re doing. This is another benefit of wireframing. Why not take one of those moments and think out your whole site. This way, rather than getting stuck on the little details, you can spend the rest of your ‘dull’ time working on the little things, fixing the little details. So get on out there and try wireframing. Just once, I promise good will come of it.

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